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Incredible UK government claims, from the first licence application in 1986, onwards: "No frequencies are available...", "...would demolish the UK's credibility in international fora."
Meanwhile, in the Republic of Ireland, the Minister had stated that radio stations could operate until licence formalities were introduced...

Radiofax Audio Archive
Radiofax, the ground breaking short-wave radio station launched in 1988, was the forerunner of web based science and technical news podcasts of today. Listen again to broadcasts which are a time capsule of the era.

Easter 1988
1st-4th April

Audio Archive

Sparks Technical and Media News, from Summer 1991

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More programmes,
from Autumn 1991

Audio Archive

As sent to Members of Parliament and the government
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thumbprint of Radiofax At 1992 Radiofax At September 1992 - audio and text here.   Thumbprint of chart recordings Charts of the three frequencies received in Surrey, England, here.

Radiofax old valve logo   Artist's impression of transmitter site

The fantastic response from listeners, the way they cared about the speech based output and the touching devotion of housebound, disabled and blind listeners in particular, led founder and sponsor Trevor Brook to feel the project to have been one of the most worthwhile things he has ever done.

Large bundle of letters to Radiofax
Just a few of the 5000 letters the station received each year
Large pile of court document files
Some of the legal submissions which ensued
Selection of Radiofax High Court and ECHR documents
After eleven years of promises and prevarication, when challenged in the High Court in London, and subsequently the European Court Of Human Rights in Strasbourg, the government went to immense lengths to concoct a strangely paranoid and archaic 'cold war' type of case - rather than offer a licence.
The ECHR ruled there was an insufficient infringment of Human Rights for the Court to act because the UK did have independent radio on AM and FM.
One can only hope that the officials who implemented such obstructionist policies feel a tad ashamed of themselves nowadays.
A complaint in 2001 to the Office Of Fair Trading revealed that the Radiocommunications Agency was not covered by the Competition Act.
- -   Britain's short wave broadcast monopoly (BBC Transmission > Merlin Communications > Merlin VT > presently Babcock) still survives to this day.   - -

Radiofax Programme Schedule August 1992: Sparks; World of Country Music, Tommy Murphy; Radiodaze, Andy Walker; Paul Maclaren; Jodie's Rock Show; Red Sands; Triple R; Falcon; Gary Stevens; Possession is Nine Tenths of the Law; Independent Producers; Classic Gold Feature with Krissi Carpenter or Paul Bentley; Reflections.
Amongst those who broadcast on Radiofax are:
Mike Allen - Paul Bentley - Andy Bradgate - Trevor Brook - Andy Burnham - Eddie Caffrey - Krissi Carpenter - Steve Conway - Martin Deeley - Henry Dulat - Jodie - Dave Johns - Ricky Jones - Paul Maclaren - Juliet Masters - Bob Mathews - Peter Moore - Jill Moss - Peter Moss (no relation) - Tommy Murphy - Ruth Phillips - Johnny Reece - Holly Robson - Nick Salaman - Red Sands - Andy Sherwood - Helen Songest (died 1989) - Gary Stevens - Maggie Stevenson - Kevin Thorne - Bob Tomalski (died 2001) - Andy Walker - Colin Ward - Chris Watford

Cover of Radio Listener's Guide
Radiofax - The best thing to happen to radio for 20 years - Radio Listener's Guide 1992


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