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Edited highlights from our listener comment line. As sent to Members of Parliament and the government, in better quality.

Duration 16 minutes in MP4 AAC format

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Music Programme F4 from Andy Bradgate

Radiofax helped Radio Caroline get out on shortwave in the early 1990s, when outlets were few and far between. They used to provide weekly music programmes to us for transmission. The legendary Andy Bradgate also recorded this one-off Radiofax programme that has not been heard since 1991. He later restyled himself as Steve Satan, Head of Rock at the Caroline Rocks occasional FM station in Bristol. He commented: "It's very nice to play some of your favourite music once in a while".

Duration: 1h34m13, Originally broadcast: 12th July 1991, presented in full - enjoy!

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Technical information:
From the original cassettes, programmes have been:

  • Processed through a Surrey Electronics Variable Emphasis Limiter 3
  • Digitised using an external 48kHz codec and transferred to PC over a digital optical link.
  • Edited in Audacity on Suse Linux
  • Converted to MP3 using Lame on a dual 2.8GHz Xeon CPU system

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Published: January- March 2006


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